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We are holding pre “Higashiosaka Experience Town Exposition 2019”


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We are holding pre “Higashiosaka Experience Town Exposition 2019”. The World Cup of Rugby
will be held in 2019, and people including many foreigners come to watch the game to Hanazono
Rugby Stadium in Higashiosaka city which is one of the fields.
We are planning to entertain visitors who can enjoy Higashiosaka city, come to like Higashiosaka
city in addition to watching a Rugby game. We would really like you to enjoy a variety of tourist
experience programs which can be done only in Higashiosaka city.

“Higashiosaka is like this…”

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Tours or Programs which were closed for application.

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【About registration for hands-on programs】
◎How many days before should I register for a program at the latest?
Is the same-day registration available?
⇒Deadline for the registration depends on the program. See details on each program.

◎Can I register for my family or friend?
⇒We only accept individual registrations. Please register on an individual basis.

◎When is the timing of the completion of the registration?
⇒Your registration will be completed when the payment is completed. After filling out the registration form from our website, a message of completed registration will be sent to your registered email address. (Your registration is not complete at this point since the payment is yet to be completed.) After completion of payment procedure through URL, you will receive an email to notify the completed transaction. When you receive the notification, your registration is completed.

【About your payment】
◎What type of payment methods will be accepted?
⇒Payment can only be made with credit card.

◎Can I cancel the program after registration is completed?
⇒Cancellation after the completion of payment will not be refundable except in the case the program cannot be held on account of the organizer or other reasons.

【About the cancellation of the program】
◎Is there any chance that the program will be canceled?
⇒The program will be called off when the program implementation is considered difficult due to bad weather, natural disasters or other reasons. In this case, notification will be sent to your registered email address.

◎If the program is called off, is the program fee refundable?
⇒You will have a full refund. Refund will be conducted via a credit card company.

【About a reception on the program day】
◎What shall I do first on the program day?
⇒Please come to the meeting place for each program. At the reception desk, we ask you to present the certificate of registration sent by email when the payment was completed.

Nb. Some Terms and Conditions

○ The Organizers cannot accept any cancellation after participation applications have been confirmed.
○ The Organizers are unable to refund any participation fees paid, unless the event is cancelled by the Organizer or program guide.
○ Please note that any person unable to observe the basic rules of participation or instructions for each program may be refused admission even if part way through the program.
○ The Higashiosaka Tourism Promotion Agency assumes no responsibility for any injury, illness, or accident, etc. that might occur during a program experience.
○ Always be sure to adhere to national and municipal laws during your participation. (When outdoors in public please observe Japan’s Road Traffic Law, traffic rules and manners. Drinking alcohol is prohibited to those under 20 so those applying to any program involving alcohol must be aged over 20 years. Drinking and driving is strictly prohibited by law)
○ Especially for programs that include eating, if you have any food allergies (or dietary restrictions for other reasons) please list them at the time of booking and tell the program organizer or staff on the day.
○ Admission for each program is on a first-come first-served basis. If a program reaches capacity before the Registration deadline it will be closed to further applications.

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