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Date and Time Timetable: Slot 1 10:30-11:30, Slot 2 13:00-14:00, Slot 3 14:30-15:30 every Wed, Thu and Fri.

Let’s have a kimono experience in a Japan’s traditional space!

Let’s have a Kimono experience in Konoikeshindenkaisho consisting of 300 years old buildings and garden. It was established in 1707 as a central facility for management farming and tenants by a great merchant, Konoike Zen’emon Munetohshi and has been used until 1940s. Now Konoikeshindenkaisho has been designated both as a national historic park and national important cultural properties.


BESSHO, Hidetaka We prepare various experience menus for inbound visitors to enjoy both Japan traditional and pop cultures.


Participation fee  ¥1000 / 60 mins; Admission fee (¥300 for adult, ¥200 for under 15 years old) is separate.
Capacity  10 women and 5 men each slot.
Notes  0ver 12 years old
Application deadline  Previous day
Venue Address  Konoikeshindenkaisho Museum
 2-30, Konoikemotomachi, Higashiosaka city, Osaka
 5 minutes’ walk from Konoikeshinden Station on the JR Gakkentoshi Line.



For more info.

Konoikeshinden Museum

How to apply

Please apply from the following URL.
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